Veit Krenn’s three-dimensional works/sculptures are essentially based on organic/organoid structures. These structures are directly related to the widely diverse formations in histopathological and pathological diagnosis and stem from Krenn’s field of professional activity as a specialist in pathology.

In diagnostic pathology, medicine enters an expansive field of spatially unlimited forms and structures. Some of Krenn’s sculptural works are made on the basis of sketches which refer directly to organs and organ-like structures, albeit modified in terms of their colour or form.

The sketches are coloured charcoal or mixed media. This also applies to the sculptures which are created in a plaster-like material or combination of materials (for example, plastic, wood, metal) and then (in particular the plaster-like sculptures) cast in bronze. On the whole, these are small-format designs: the sculptures are usually around 7x7x15 cm, whereas the sketches are on paper, usually in dimensions of 20×30 cm.